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Welcome to the Jon Jennings Memorial

This website is dedicated to Jonathan Stephen Jennings (or ‘Jon Jennings’ as he liked to be known), and the memorial project that has been set up in his memory.

Having beaten cancer at the age of 18, Jon was suddenly taken ill whilst on a skiing trip to Italy in 2005, and died at the age of just 39. His family hope that Jon’s incredible achievements and courage in life may give hope and inspiration to all those who are faced with cancer, and that his memorial project may raise thousands of pounds for cancer research.

Jon Jennings

In 1983 Jon was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the lymph system, and following life saving treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, he recovered with a determination to live life to the full.

A keen cyclist from his early teens, Jon went on to pursue his passion, and by his twenties was competing with some of the top cyclists in the UK. He excelled at long distance rides of endurance and stamina (audax cyling), and took part in many of the famous audax events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km event, and the L'Etape du Tour (annually organised stages of the Tour de France). Between 1990 and 1995 he set new records at his local club, including all the mixed tandem records, many of which remain unbeaten.

As well as taking part in world class cycling events, Jon also ran three training venues in the south of France and one in Portugal, and organised other cycling trips abroad, the highlight of which was a tour of the Andes. Juggling his cycling with a career as an IT manager and consultant, Jon was also a fearless skiier and a keen Lacrosse player. See the Jon Jennings page for more about his incredible achievements.


Tributes are invited from all those who knew Jon. Whether family, or former friends and colleagues, then we would like to hear from you all. The Tributes page has only just been set up, so please help us to add to it! See the Contact Us page for how to do this. Any photos or stories you may have about Jon are also warmly welcomed. If you accompanied Jon on any of his epic cycling events, then please let us know about it! Please email Vanessa Jennings at:

The Memorial Project

'Heritage Hollow' is 7 acres of quiet woodland and heath. A project is underway to set some of this land aside for allotments, whilst there will also be a Heritage Orchard and Dedication Trees for deceased young relatives. The project will be run as a registered charity, with the proceeds going to cancer research. See the Memorial Project page for more information.

About This Site

This site is still under construction and there will be more details coming soon, both about Jon’s life, and the memorial project itself. If you wish to send in a tribute for Jon, then please see the Contact Us page. If you have any photos or stories about Jon, or if you wish to correct any information displayed on this site or have any other comments about the site, then please contact the site designer, Vanessa Jennings, at:
All submissions are warmly welcomed.
Thank you for visiting Jon's site.
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