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Contact Information and Submitting a Tribute

Please fill in the form below to send in a tribute for Jon, and for any other information or comments you may wish to submit. Alternatively email Vanessa Jennings at: Photos and stories are also warmly welcomed, so if you have any of these, please use this email address.

Submitting a Tribute

When sending in a tribute it would be helpful to state how you knew Jon, i.e. the name of the cycling club or organisation you knew him from etc, so that this can be mentioned under your tribute. Also, when entering the text for the tribute in the Comments box,  please make this distinct from any other comments in the box by enclosing the tribute in quotation marks. Tributes should ideally be no more than a couple of sentences, but send in longer ones if you wish. We will include what we can.

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We will endeavour to respond to your form or email as soon as possible, by way of an acknowledgement email. The publication of tributes onto the website may take a little longer so please bear with us. Whilst we may not be able to publish all the photos and other information sent to us, anything sent in will be very gratefully received. Please state if you do not want your submission published, i.e. if it is just intended for Jon's family.

Thank you for your time and support.
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